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Manned Guards

Proper control over access is vital to the security of any premises.

This may involve manning a barrier, gatehouse or reception and the issuing, collection and checking of passes.

OSG Security Officers, male and female as circumstances might demand, are experienced in all these areas, ensuring secure access throughout the working day or out of normal working hours.

Security guards patrol and inspect clients’ property to protect against fire, theft, vandalism, and illegal activity.

They deter criminal activity or other potential problems and use radio and telephone communications to call for assistance from ambulance, police or fire departments as the situation dictates.   Professional security and safety is paramount.

All OSG security guards are required to write comprehensive reports outlining their observations and activities during their assigned shifts and they may

OSG’s Security Guards’ professional uniforms command attention and helps create a strong visual presence to deter criminal activity.

All OSG security sites are supervised by Mobile Supervisor Patrol Officers who visit regularly throughout the shift to ensure complete safety for both our clients and our security guards.

OSG Security offers professional and efficient security, skills and support, to match the individual customer needs.

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