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About OSG

Operations Support Group (OSG) is Gibraltar’s market leader in the security industry. We are an intelligent solutions service provider, deploying the latest technologies, working with the client to seek the most economical capabilities to address their requirements.

The key to our success in addition to our high standards is our ability to provide our client with an integrated final solution. This ranges from the provision of physical security, to the latest methods of access control including biometrics, alarms, CCTV, centralised remote 24/7 monitoring at our operations centre, which is complimented by the rapid deployment of our mobile response unit. This is a critical function which is a true measure of the quality of our service.

The OSG Mobile Response Unit are readily available to immediately attend and assist any incident that may require an urgent response capability. Our CIT/CMC department provides services to all Banks in Gibraltar including the replenishment of all ATM’s. The provision of cash to vessels within the Port and off Port limits is a service which the department provides under the Cash to Masters Service. Our Team of ATM Engineers are always ready and available 24/7 to assist all Banks with ATM first line and second line support.

The OSG management team consists of very experienced qualified subject matter experts who are continually kept current with the latest procedures and methods available in our industry. In turn, this will ensure that our services are fully compliant and will not expose our clients to negligence or unforeseen risk.

As part of the wider Bland Group we employ the services of JLT Insurance Consultants to ensure that all areas of our security operations are covered by the appropriate and applicable levels of insurance.

OSG strives to provide a safe environment to both our staff and clients. OSG continues to invest both in staff training and equipment, which will ensure that OSG will be able to meet its obligations and deliver a first class service.