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Supply Chain

Supply chains are becoming more vulnerable to security threats which are increasing by the day. Up to 4 per cent of all world freight is stolen and seven to nine per cent is made up of counterfeit products.   Fake medication alone is estimated to kill thousands of people a year. Terrorists and pirates are very real threat smuggling weapons, kidnapping personnel. They seized a record 1,181 hostages in 2010, millions of pounds was paid in ransom.

OSG Logistics provides the technology that reduces these security risks:

Intrusion alarm for packages of all sizes, from envelopes to containers in order to stop theft, tampering, damage and smuggling of bombs and counterfeit goods.

OSG  capability ensures the safety of property and guarantees an efficient tracking system to locate a package that tampered with.

Reduces the risks of:

  • Theft or damage the parcel.
  • Consignment tampering.

 With OSG security products clients will detect all types of intrusion and the company will be alerted to unauthorised  package handling.

 OSG Logistics provides a cost effective and reliable method of securing and protecting property in transit or storage.