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Training to make Gibraltar a safer place

Gibraltar’s premier security company, Operations Support Group (OSG) has held the first of a series of security induction training packages aimed at improving the standard of service provided by the company’s own security officers.


OSG, part of Bland Group International (BGI), has developed a training package covering all aspects of security relevant to a progressive organisation faced with all the threats of a modern society in an increasingly uncertain environment. 


This comprehensive range of modules covers the basics of duties and responsibilities of a security officer, security awareness and patrolling to the more demanding aspects of conflict management, vehicle and personnel searching and bomb awareness and reaction controls.  The course also encompasses modules on fire awareness and risk management, access control systems and customer care control.


Based at the Rock Hotel, the modules were delivered by Andy Rodriguez, OSG’s own In-House accredited trainer.   


BGI Chief Executive Officer, John Perez, said: “The success of OSG has been built on the vast police, military and security services experience within the organisation.  This experience, which goes up to command, strategic and senior logistical level, makes OSG ideally suited to deliver the highest quality of security training.


“We understand that this course is a first in Gibraltar and we intend to build on its success and our capability”


Having carried out an initial training needs analysis, a shortfall of adequately trained security officers within Gibraltar was identified. Emphasis was focused on giving OSG employees the opportunity to receive in depth training on the principles of security and situational awareness.  This will ensure that all OSG operatives work to the high standards required by the industry’s regulating body, Security Industry Authority (SIA).


OSG believe that the success of the internal course could be expanded to other organisations in Gibraltar and beyond.  “Using our vast experience and accredited practitioners and trainers, we can tailor security training programmes to suit individual organisations’ needs,” John Perez added.  “Because of the Gibraltar’s strategic importance and geographical location we believe that the demand for enhanced security services will increase within more enlightened organisations.”


Already assisting with security in numerous key areas within Gibraltar, OSG seeks to ensure that their clients are provided with guards who can offer both a proactive and reactive security presence.  There is also a need to ensure their employees and other related members of the public are current and capable of dealing with any unexpected increase in security level as a result of an incident, whether domestic or conventional related.  OSG believes there is a need to ensure that their clients provided with guards who can offer both a proactive and reactive security presence.

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