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Investigations and Surveillance

Good investigative and surveillance skills are hard to acquire and demand years of training. OSG provides professionally qualified operatives who know how to achieve the required objective.  The organisation’s private investigators (PIs) are experience and in this field and have a track record in reaching the outcome required by clients. As members of the International Association of Professional Security Consultants, IAPSC and the British Bodyguard Association, BBA, OSG is committed to providing the most professional of services.

On the corporate front, company fraud, insurance fraud and employee theft is an ever increasing threat which is costing industry billions of pounds each year. It is accurate and valuable information that results in a positive outcome when taken before a Court of Law.

OSG is able to deploy PIs to execute investigations and surveillance in all circumstances with definitive experience in all investigative situations.  This allowes the flexibility to enables OSG to deploy PIs in any environment in order to achieve the necessary results.

Extensive lists of contacts allow the company to deploy investigators out of normal comfort zones and locations other than Gibraltar. OSG is successful by overcoming all obstacles and is discreet and thorough.

Success is achieved by close operational liaison with clients, keeping them up-to-date with progress and accurate information throughout the project.  Total confidentiality is critical. OSG uses modern atechniques and current equipment and most importantly uses only legally admissible ways of resolving the most difficult of cases.