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Security Guards

OSG provides Security Guards, or Security Officers, at many locations throughout Gibraltar. These locations include Government buildings, Banks, and Private Company premises as well as Residential and Retail developments.

OSG security guards undergo extensive training and are generally uniformed in order to represent the authority to protect our Clients’ property and assets. They do this by maintaining a high visibility presence in order to enforce Clients’ rules and requirements and to deter criminal activities or other potential problems including fire, theft and vandalism.

Regular patrolling of premises is a main feature of the OSG service as most incidents can be avoided by anticipation of inappropriate actions rather than waiting for something to occur. These patrols are logged or recorded. Overall supervision of sites is achieved by OSG Mobile Response Officers who provide 24 hour support to on site Guards. OSG security guards are called upon to respond to incidents ranging from broken lights and doors to more serious emergencies such as fires and personal injuries by calling upon the Emergency Services to ensure Client and/or personnel safety as quickly as possible.

Other duties may also include access control at building entrances and vehicle gates, alarm monitoring and response, and supervision, maintenance and monitoring of CCTV systems.